The whole Marvel Cinematic Universe is based around the fact that the strongest power in the universe are these magical Infinity Stones, gems of incredible power over time and space. When Ronan the Accuser combines an Infinity Stone with his hammer in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ he becomes nigh-invulnerable and almost unbeatable. The only things left to stop him from destroying the universe are the Guardians… and dance moves. Sweet hot funky dance moves.

Technically, things work out a little differently in the finished ‘Guardians’ film. But in this brand new and genuinely funny outtake from the movie (which is newly out on home video this week), Ronan and the Guardians (at least the non-computer-generated ones) square off in a good ol’ fashioned dance-off. It’s like ‘Step Up’ with super-powers which, um, actually sounds like an amazing idea. Can we make a Kickstarter for that?

If I was declaring a winner for this epic battle, I’d have to give it to Chris Pratt for managing some legit Michael Jackson swagger in Star-Lord’s leather pants, although Dave Bautista deserves a fair amount of credit for playing the whole thing totally straight until he busts a move. Music played an integral part in the first ‘Guardians,’ where Star-Lord’s beloved mix tape powers the film’s soundtrack. After seeing this outtake, I want writer/director James Gunn to take things even further for the upcoming 2017 sequel. More throwback music, but now with breakdancing.

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