Do you have an item or items hanging from your rearview mirror? I'm guessing many of us have at one time or other, maybe even currently.

When I bought my first car, I did what everyone else was doing. I hung one of those pine tree air fresheners on my rearview mirror. It was the cool thing to do, right? Well, the smell wasn't exactly what I was aiming for, but I guess it masked any smells coming from whatever garbage was left under the seats.

I also had a pair of fuzzy dice that hung from the rearview mirror for a while, but they were too big and blocked a full view of what was ahead of me. Back when we were required to have a parking ramp pass, it was hanging from my mirror, but it was small enough as to not block my view.

But that parking ramp pass, the air freshener and fuzzy dice are illegal in New York State to display hanging from your rearview mirror according to the New York Traffic Lawyer website. It's all spelled out in section 375 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

Lately, I've seen other items hanging from a vehicle's rearview mirror, such as a handicap placard, dream catcher, flag and facemask. It is illegal to have either of those items hanging from your rearview mirror.

According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, a handicap placard is to be placed hanging on your rearview mirror when your vehicle is parked. When the vehicle is in motion, the placard must be removed. The reason again, is because it can impede your unobstructed view of what's ahead.

via NYS DMV, NY Traffic Lawyer

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