Hiking allows you to really see all of nature's beauty - but there's one hike where you can see a little MORE of nature's beauty - because it includes skinny dipping. Ready for a road trip, Utica?

Credit: Renee Posey

You can go au naturale in nature at Skinny Dip Falls in Chautauqua, NY. Skinny Dip Falls is a remote gorge that is over a mile long and features multiple swimming holes, waterfalls, rock formations, and wildlife. According to the AllTrails app, the hike itself is short, and can be challenging in places. The entrance to the nudist area is clearly marked with signage on the rocks.

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Credit: Renee Posey

In fact, if you're really feeling motivated, and looking for a full nudist experience (hey, you only live once) the Pittsburgh Area Naturists are planning an outing June 26th through June 28th, including a trip to Skinny Dip Falls and camping at a clothing-optional campground called Brushwood, located 15 minutes away. They do recommend sturdy shoes and sunblock. According to the event organizers, "This is a great place for first time nudists since it's not crowded, so bring your friends!"

Credit: Renee Posey

Of course, if you're not ready for skinny dipping, there's always the annual Naked in a Cave event at Howe Caverns - of course it's likely to be a little chillier down there than it is in the warm sun under a waterfall.

What do you think? Are you up for a little skinny dipping under a waterfall? Honestly, we'd probably consider it, if everyone promises to keep their phones put away.

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