You see a couple making out in public, you've been waiting a half an hour for a table, you're stuck behind a car making an illegal left you can let everyone know, "I Hate That". The Hater App is a new app designed by Jake Banks for sharing the things you just can't stand.

When you see something that drives you crazy you can take a picture of it, upload a photo from your phone and share it with an few words of displeasure. It will be viewed and hopefully responded to with posts from the Hater community.

It's different than Instagram because with the Hater App, you can pull an image of something you hate from other sites, like facebook. If you see someone bragging about their new car while you drive a clunker, you can shout out to the world..."I Hate That!"
The Hater App is currently available for iPhone and soon will be available for Droid Devices. Enjoy, unless you hate that.