The world found out Wednesday the name of Britain's newest royal family member.  Baby George, formally known as HRH Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge.  George was the name many people predicted the royal couple would choose. In honor of the royal baby, here are some other famous Georges. 

Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

While none of them are royalty, they're certainly famous and known around the world.  However, I think baby George will probably remain the most famous of all the Georges on this list.  These are the ones that popped into my mind first, but I do realize this list is far from complete!.

1.  George Washington:  Who doesn't like our first president?  Wish he didn't leave my wallet so fast, though.

Photo Illustration by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

2.  George Clooney:  Actor, producer and one of the hottest bachelors on the planet

3.  Curious George:  This beloved monkey is one of my favorite Georges!


4.  George Michael:  From his days with Wham through his very successful solo career, he's famous everywhere.

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5.  George W. Bush:  Since leaving office, his approval rating has gone up.  Like him or not, you have to admit he's known globally.

6.  George Lucas:  Thanks to "Star Wars,"  this director is a household name.

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7.  George Burns:  The late actor is Hollywood legend.

Photo by Robin Jones/Evening Standard/Getty Images

8.  Boy George:  Flamboyent?  Yes.  Famous?  Yes!

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Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images