The fall is here and the cooler air has moved in! As we get ready for Halloween and the leaves to start dropping, hunting season is also on the horizon!

Here in New York State, many archery hunters will be headed to the woods when the calendar flips to October. However, for months hunters have been prepping their camps, tree stands and food plots.

If you are in a store and see what looks like food for deer, beware. New York State is very clear about the laws pertaining to feeding deer and the sale of "deer feed".

NYS Law says:

It is illegal to hunt with the aid of bait, or over any baited area when hunting big game, upland game birds, turkey or waterfowl. It is illegal to place a salt block or mineral lick on lands inhabited by deer at any time of year. It is also illegal to feed deer.

In fact, it is also not legal to sell deer food without selling it the proper way.

DEC regulations also prohibit the sale of commercial deer foods or deer feeding equipment unless such products are affixed with a label that warns consumers that the products are illegal for use in New York.

There need to be a proper label.

Commercial deer foods: food or food products labeled or packaged as a product to be used for feeding or attracting deer or moose, including those in packages that depict hunters, hunting, live or dead deer or moose, or antlers, use camouflage or bright orange coloration, or include words related to hunting, harvesting, or attracting deer or moose.


But not everyone looks forward to deer season. For the die-hard hunters, it means that there are long days in the woods away from family and friends. It means that an avid hunter may be gone for weeks to their hunting camp and land or favorite tree stand or blind. Things may not get done around the house and some family events may suffer as a result of the time spent in the woods.

I found this letter on TikTok and makes so much sense and it is a great way to let those close to you know what they can expect from now until the season ends.


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There are still some classes open for those who want to get their certificates to get their hunting license before the start of the season. Archery hunting is a great way (maybe the best) to hunt deer here in New York State. Most archery hunters are stealth-like and get in to deer areas without detection. It is an amazing way to see the deer in their own environment without being noticed and gives you an great opportunity to kill a nice whitetail!

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