Perhaps you have a teenager in your life who is absolutely addicted to social media and, more specifically, TikTok. It seems like they are just staring at their phone for hours and perhaps trying to recreate a challenge that may take all day?

There are some important benefits to social media. On the other side of the coin there are many evils and plenty of hate. Regardless of the reason you or your teen are on social media, TikTok has a new restriction planned.

There will soon be a time limit placed on the length of time a teen can be on the social media platform.

According to a report filed by CNN this week:

If the 60-minute limit is reached, users will be prompted to enter a passcode — requiring them to make an active decision to extend their time spent swiping through videos on the app.


As a father of three boys and a little girl on the way, I am very aware of the dangers of too much time on social media. It is my goal to get our kids outside as often as I can. I may sound like and old timer, or out of touch, but I want the kids to get outside and play!

When we were kids (yes that makes me sound old) we would be outside all day no matter the weather! Playing with friends and waiting for mom or dad to call us home for dinner. I don't mean on the phone either. Mom would literally yell from the front door for us to come home.

But times change and technology sure has made parenting easier for us than our parents. I understand the need and uses for social media but as the saying goes, "everything in moderation"!

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