There are few things more stressful than getting pulled over and being fined for speeding. Perhaps you thought you were only over the speed limit a little? Maybe you were late and had to catch up? There are not many excuses that police officers will accept to prevent you from getting a ticket. However, if you are caught multiple times, things may get very difficult for you.

There are some roads on which the speed has changed over the last couple of years. For example, here in Erie County in Western New York, there are a few roads that are now 30 miles per hour as opposed to 35. Your vehicle's GPS may also have it wrong as updates take a time.

New York State is no longer joking around with repeat offenders when it comes to speeding. In fact, there is a device that they are proposing to be used and installed in your car if you are someone who gets pulled over for speeding on a regular basis.

According to reports, State Senator Andrew Gounardes and Assemblywoman Emily Gallagher want a speed limiting device to be installed in offenders' vehicles.

Under a bill proposed by state Sen. Andrew Gounardes and Assembly Member Emily Gallagher, drivers who receive six speeding tickets and red-light camera violations, or four speed camera or red-light violations, in a year would have to install the device, ensuring they could not exceed the speed limit by more than five miles per hour.

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