As we say goodbye to another month and welcome March, the spring can't get here soon enough! The cold weather has returned, for now and the snow is back is some parts of New York State. This has been a strange season and hopefully the spring offers more stable weather.

The Governor in New York State has plans to eliminate the fossil fuel appliances most residents are using and switch New York to an all electric state. It is hard to swallow and harder to fathom for those who lost power this year after storms blew in. How will we heat our homes when harsh winters come back?

Beyond the questions the majority of New York has, there are other things happening within the plan to go green. When you shop at stores, you no longer can get a plastic bag for your groceries and you are charged for that paper bag!

Photo by: Clay Moden


It would only seem to make sense that the plastic trash bags we all use would be the next thing to be banned in New York State. Surely the government offices in New York State and just about every home and business in the state use plastic trash bags for waste. In California, following the state's ban of single use/plastic grocery bags, more people purchased small plastic trash bags.

I admit, we have a trash/litter issue in the United States. There needs to be some sort of plan to solve the mountains of garbage and waste that we pile up. Even our grand-kids will be dealing with these landfills for years to come. However, there needs to be a plan. Making moves too quickly can backfire or have a negative impact if we don't go at the problems correctly.

Photo By: Clay Moden

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