A woman on Reddit says her ex became enraged with her after she refused to serve his family at the restaurant she works at.

When her ex, who has been trying to get back together with her, told her he and his parents were "going out for dinner," she suggested they eat at her place of employment since it's a nice restaurant.

There was only one caveat: She didn't want to be their server.

"I absolutely hate serving people I know, especially when they use it as an excuse to 'see me.' If you wanted to see me so bad why not plan a dinner for a time I’m off work? It’s kinda demeaning and just awkward. So I told him that they’re welcome to show up, it’s a public place, but please don’t specifically ask for me," she wrote via Reddit.

The woman explained she hadn't seen her ex's parents since they broke up, and she's been confused by her ex's up-and-down behavior.

"...He’s telling me he loves me when I can’t say it back and mean it, is obsessed with me, wants me to meet his entire family, when just a few months ago told me he could never commit or see himself dating anyone. I’m honestly still hurting from the breakup and am kinda confused as to why he’s changed so much so quickly. I just couldn’t handle serving his family and pretending like everything is fine and perfect from my perspective," she explained.

She told him she would try to "come say hi" if she got a chance during her shift. However, when she arrived at work and saw his reservation, she noticed a note that said the party specifically asked to be seated in her section.

"I asked the host to just put them anywhere else, and was a little annoyed that they ended up blatantly going against what I was pretty much begging them to not do," she wrote.

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Since it was a busy night at the restaurant, she never got a chance to visit her ex's table. Later, while checking her phone during a break from "four hours of complete chaos," she saw she had a number of text messages from her ex, who blasted her for not coming over.

"[I] see texts from him saying that his parents hate me now cause I didn’t say hi, I wasn’t their server, and he now wants nothing to do with me, along with accusing me of sleeping with my co-worker," she detailed.

"I get a drink after my shift and he then tries to call me 5+ times. I eventually pick up and he goes on to say I’m a horrible human being, I have a pattern of cheating (again accusing me of sleeping with a co-worker I’ve never even hung out with [one on one]), I’ve been lying to him for weeks, I don’t have the basic decency to just say hi, and then told me to go f--k myself," she continued, revealing her ex ended up blocking her on social media.

In the comments section, Reddit users roasted the woman's ex for his awful behavior.

"His reaction to you working while at work, rather than catering to his demands, tells you everything you need to know. He's a complete a--hole, and while you seem smart and confident enough to not need this advice, I'm going to give it anyway: make sure you never make the mistake of getting back together with him. His Jekyll-and-Hyde attitude (I don't want to date... no, I want to get back together... you're a horrible human being!) is just going to continue and it's best if it doesn't involve you. He absolutely will try and contact you again, shut him down immediately when he does," one person wrote.

"He is playing mind games. Questioning her own sound reasoning is exactly where he wants her. He will be back in a bit willing to magnanimously 'forgive her,'" another commented.

"You set a clear boundary that you don't want to serve his table because you don't like serving people you know (fair enough, don't mix business and personal life). Then he books, specifically asking for you, and when he doesn't get his way he starts calling you a bad person, because he ignored your boundaries. You're not the red flag here, he is," someone else weighed in.

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