Reddit users rallied behind a 34-year-old dad after he shared that his 26-year-old sister is constantly trying to outshine his young daughter.

"I have a 9-year-old daughter who picked up playing piano at 5 and I seriously see her as a prodigy. She composes her own symphonies. She is destined to be massively successful [and] I’ve gotten her to play at weddings, a church a few times and other social events," he began.

"My sister is one of those ‘rainbow baby’ situations and given that fact my whole family has obsessed over her since her birth. She’s incredibly entitled and spoiled and was especially upset when our parents began caring more about my late wife’s pregnancy with our daughter," the man continued on Reddit.

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The man explained that his family recently flew in from Germany for one of his daughter's big recitals.

"My daughter did amazingly, but the whole time my sister was saying that they’re only impressed because of how young she is and that she could do this and none of us would be amazed. She proceeded to make the whole recital about herself and when we went out to dinner to celebrate afterwards my sister was making snarky comments to my daughter that it wasn’t that good," he recalled.

The frustrated father confronted his sister about why she had "such a f---ing vendetta against a 9-year-old and why she couldn’t just for once have the attention be on someone else for a damn night."

"She was very upset at this and told me how I 'took away her childhood' by forcing her to pursue music (which she had come to ME and her late mother about) and it ensued a massive fight between us and she ended up leaving early and going back to her hotel room. My parents say that I shouldn’t have lashed out on her like that and they have since apologized for making her feel 'left out,'" he concluded.

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Users in the comments section slammed the man's sister.

"You may have issues to work out with your family, but good on you for standing up for your daughter. Whether or not her skill is overinflated in your eyes, no one should be putting down a 9-year-old on her skills after a performance," one person wrote.

"Yeah that was awful behavior from your sister. Even if your daughter was terrible, she’s [9]. The adults in her life are meant to praise her and encourage her regardless," another commented.

"Your sister needs to grow up and your parents need to stop sheltering and fueling your sister's selfishness. Your daughter is 9, that is impressive and your sister just can’t seem to be happy for anyone. Tell your sister and parents if they can’t come support your daughter without making it about themselves then they’re uninvited. Your daughter deserves to be surrounded by people who are genuinely supportive of her, not selfish people who only think about themselves and will s--t on a kid who is doing their best," someone else weighed in.

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