A woman on Reddit has confessed to dating her brother's best friend and it has subsequently drawn mixed reactions. 

She prefaces her story by saying that she has been dating her brother's best friend for a year now and shares that they see a future together.

"I 21f have been secretly dating my brother’s best friend 25m for almost a year now, he’s a great guy with a great career and a huge future and I absolutely love him and he loves me and we both believe that there’s a future between the two of us but he’s afraid to tell my brother and family about it which is why we’ve kept it a secret," she revealed.

When the couple decided to tell the brother and her family about the relationship, a conflict ensued.

"Well at least we did until last night where he came over and sat the entire family down and told them everything, my father and brother were completely p---ed, they threw him out of the house almost beating him before listening to what either of us said and then spent the entire night berating me and cussing me out and calling me a b--ch and a s--t for 'betraying my brother', they acted as if we’re just dumb teenagers f---ing for no reason and that it was all just so we can disrespect my brother?" the woman said.

"Like what? I was crying all the time, they didn’t let me explain that I actually love him and that we wanna be together and get married and it wasn’t just meaningless sex," she concluded before asking if she was wrong in this situation.

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People in the comments section had mixed reactions about who was wrong.

"Nothing wrong with dating your brother's friend in general. Everything wrong with keeping it a secret," one person said.

"Hasn’t everyone dated their brothers’ friends?" questioned someone else.

"How could you even be the wrong one in that situation? I mean, unless your boyfriend is an well known serial killer there's no reason for that reaction, what are your family expecting? You to wait them to find someone "good enough" for you and make you marry him?" a different Reddit user added.

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