Say it isn't May!

We're 46 days in Spring and Mother Nature has shown us all she has to offer in Central New York. We saw a stretch of 80-degree temperatures, which was nice in early April. Some days even broke records for warm weather. That was followed by a looong stretch of never-ending rain. But could be worse. Some parts of New York State got to see some snow.

May Snow

On Whiteface Mountain it looked more like the middle of winter 3 days into the month of May.

May Dusting

There was even a dusting of wet snow in the higher elevations of Steuben and Yates counties. It wasn't as much as on the mountain but it was enough to make people hate Mother Nature.

Whiteface Snow in June

May snow on Whiteface Mountain this far into Spring isn't unusual. Last year the flakes were still flying in June. It is 4867 feet above sea level after all.

Credit - ASRC Whiteface Mountain Field Station via Faceobook
Credit - ASRC Whiteface Mountain Field Station via Faceobook


Central Park Snow

Winter weather in the middle of spring is nothing new in New York. We've seen it snow on Mother's Day before. Central Park even saw late snow in 2022, tying the old record set in 1977.

A Season Behind

If we see snow in July and August, now that would be something new.

The first day of summer is Wednesday, June 21, 2023. Let's hope we start seeing some spring-like weather in Central New York by then since we always seem to be a season behind.

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