You don't have to be lactose intolerant for this story to make your stomach turn.

Recently Environmental Conservation Officers (ECO) were sent to Orange County for a "dairy" bad situation. The New York State Thruway reported a large milk spill, caused after a tandem trailer carrying milk burst into flames on the side of the highway.

Besides the obvious well-being of the driver, the officers were concerned the milk released from the trailer could end up into the Ramapo River. This being a source of public drinking water for the region.

Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Credit - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

Good news for the ECO's, both the driver and water were unharmed.

Why is Milk Bad?

No, it's not because fish are lactose intolerant. Dairy products will break down into the water, creating a reaction that removes oxygen molecules from the water. This could potentially kill fish and other living species in the water.

Seeing the Rampapo River is also a drinkable water source to the public, it also poses a problem for humans as well. (Especially those who are lactose intolerant.)

Glass of the milk on a rustic wooden table.

How Did the Fire Happen?

Officers believe the fire came from a brake overheating in one of the trailers. ECO's worked side-by-side with the NYS Police to ensure no damage was done to the surrounding environment.

Safe to say, it was a bad day for the truck driver. Not only did the company and farmer lose a whole load of milk, but it almost caused more damage in the river. Luckily he/she was unharmed and the ECO's were there quickly to save the day.

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