It's a miracle! The dog abandoned outside the Herkimer Humane Society in the freezing cold is in her forever home, and you won't believe who her new family is.

Miracle has officially been adopted. In what sounds like a script ripped right out of a Hollywood movie, the abandoned dog is now with the Maricle family.  Miracle with Maricle - some things are just meant to be.

Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook
Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook

Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

The Herkimer Humane Society made the special announcement on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day.

We are so grateful to her loving foster family who is directly responsible for placing her into the perfect home she is in today by navigating the healing process at her speed.

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Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook
Credit - Herkimer County Humane Society via Facebook

Foster Family Care

A foster family took care of Miracle after she survived 19 hours in the cold and being hit by a car, before coming into the Herkimer County Humane Society. The pooch will now live out her final days being treated like the queen she is with the Maricle family.

Thank you all for your support, well wishes, and donations to Miracle. If she could talk we know she would send the biggest THANK YOU to everyone so help us thank her foster family and new family on her behalf for these gifts and send her the best wishes on her new fabulous life where her only duty is to be a loving companion and leave her abusive past behind her.

Abandonment Charges

Paul-Carlos Palenzuela from Frankfort, New York, is accused of abandoning Miracle on February 3. He was arrested and charged with overdriving, torturing, and injuring animals; failure to provide proper sustenance, and abandonment of an animal.

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Palenzuela is due back in court on May 2.

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