If you're in for a good laugh and want to see just a fraction of Russell Dickerson's energy, then this video is for you!

We all know when we deserve a vacation. Sure, it can't be ALL the time... But when our social and work meter has run out, it's certainly time for a weekend or week-long getaway.

For Russell Dickerson and his family, it's no different.

Coming off a much needed month vacation with his wife Kailey and son Remington, Russell was in charge of driving the family vehicle back home. Since the ride was 7 hours long, he thought why not hit record and do some carpool karaoke with his fans.

To say we learned a lot about RD is an understatement. From being in a screamo band in high school to his great Mayday Parade impersonations, the entire video was incredibly entertaining.

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Want to know something even better? This is only a SNIPPIT of the energy Russell Dickerson brings to the stage. If you've anyone who's attended his concert's, they'd say his stage presence is what always brings them back time and time again.

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

FrogFest 34 with Russell Dickerson

Get ready to party! Russell Dickerson is making his way to the Herkimer County Fairgrounds on June 17th for FrogFest 34, presented by Curtis Lumber.

Dickerson will end a day filled with live music from Central New York's favorite local bands and new talent from Nashville. Mike Gossin, formerly of Gloriana, and a New Hartford native, will perform his first solo concert before a hometown crowd.

Russell Dickerson

Mike Gossin (former of Gloriana)
Mark Taylor
Alyssa Trahan
Whiskey Creek
Broken Rule
Grizzly Ridge Band
Grit N Grace

Provided Photo
Provided Photo


$70 VIP (Include a private cash bar, food, private bathrooms, FrogFest T-Shirt, and special seating)
$30 General Admission
Kids 10 and under FREE with General Admission $40 at the gate

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