If you're looking to buy a home, you may want to act fast. Properties aren't staying on the market long and with low inventory, you're options may be limited, especially if you're looking in areas where homes are selling the fastest.

Gone are the days of casually browsing hundreds of homes, touring dozens to see if it's the right fit for your family, then making an offer weeks later. Now, if you see something you like, you need to make an offer right away. And your offer probably isn't the only one owners are considering either.

Properties are few and far between and those that do go on the market, usually sell shortly after. Three of the 50 places where homes are selling the fastest are in New York, according to Stacker and housing data from Redfin.

#37. Buffalo, New York

- Median days on market: 23
- Total homes sold: 576
- Median sale price: $205,000

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#31. Albany, New York

- Median days on market: 22
- Total homes sold: 614
- Median sale price: $275,000

Sean Pavone/Think Stock
Sean Pavone/Think Stock

#3. Rochester, New York

- Median days on market: 9
- Total homes sold: 619
- Median sale price: $197,000

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You can add Central New York to the list too. In the last month, property owners have seen multiple offers after their homes being on the market less than a week. Ask any realtor in the area.

Where are the top spots everyone is buying property? In Pennsylvania. Homes in Lancaster and Reading are selling within a week.

#2. Lancaster, PA

- Median days on market: 8
- Total homes sold: 395
- Median sale price: $285,000

#1. Reading, PA

- Median days on market: 7
- Total homes sold: 342
- Median sale price: $227,000

The most surprising place where people are buying homes the fastest is Anchorage. Who knew so many wanted to live in Alaska. And homes aren't cheap there either. The median sale price is nearly $100,000 more than in Albany.

#24. Anchorage, AK

- Median days on market: 18
- Total homes sold: 379
- Median sale price: $365,000

See all 50 places where homes are selling the fastest at Stacker.com.

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