If you're ready to open your heart and home to a loving, four-legged friend, Utica Police may have just the dog for you.

New Yorkers are a big fan of rescuing dogs from animal shelters and three amazing dogs are waiting to head to their forever home right now in the City of Utica. Utica Police recently engaged in an agreement with Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association, who will take in unclaimed dogs that have been found in the city.

UPD can hold around 6 dogs at at a time before they're turned over to the shelter.

Utica Police announced Wednesday, June 5, that 3 dogs are ready to experience being adored by a loving family. All of these dogs were found in the city on May 29 and it appears no one has claimed these ultra-friendly pups.

The first dog available for adoption is a stunning black and white shepherd mix. Under UPD's care, she is completely vaccinated, but she has not been spayed. Based on just this photo alone, it seems this sweet but energetic girl loves attention and is eager to please.

Maybe she will make an excellent jogging companion?

Courtesy Utica Police
Courtesy Utica Police

The second dog available for adoption is a male white and brown pit-bull mix, who is also fully vaccinated but has yet to be neutered.

He also has the most striking eyes and most likely never stops wagging his tail when you look into them. He also would take his job as the family taste tester very seriously and give the most honest reviews when tasting your cooking.

Courtesy Utica Police
Courtesy Utica Police

The final dog available to a good home is a stunning brown and white pit-bull mix with a full blaze on her face. She is also up to date on her vaccinations, but has not been spayed.

This happy girl looks like she is ready to fill her new home with nonstop smiles and love. She also looks like she's really good at keeping secrets and would like having someone practice their reading with her.

Courtesy Utica Police
Courtesy Utica Police

Utica Police say all three of these dogs "have shown great social tendencies toward people" and have not given any indication that they have issues while under police care.

"Please consider adopting one of these dogs," they implored. Sounds like all of these dogs are wonderful and the officers are hoping they go to loving families.

If any of these dogs tugged at your heartstrings and you can give them a wonderful new life, contact Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association at 315-697-2796.

Utica Police explained that they will aggressively try to locate the owner of all lost or roaming dogs they've captured by posting them online during their 24-hour hold. The goal is to reunite the dog with its original owner.

Once that hold expires, they're transported to Wanderer's Rest in Canastota, who will then work to find them a forever home.

Utica Police say they will only take in loose dogs and cannot accept animal surrenders. "The services are for lost, abandoned, or located loose dogs only," they explained in a public statement, which you can read in full below:

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