A creepy, crawly creature is believed to have hitched a ride from Central America all the way to an Upstate New York school cafeteria.

Officials at the Norwich City School District shared the story on Facebook saying cafeteria staff were washing bananas to serve to students earlier this week when they found a scorpion in the box of bananas.

It happened at the district's Stanford Gibson Primary School.

"All of a sudden, that mundane task turned into anything but. NCSD cafe employees discovered a scorpion in the bananas. It was quickly contained," school officials said on Facebook.
Cafeteria and custodial staff followed all protocols and no staff or students were harmed by the find, school officials said. It actually turned into a learning experience for the high school's Zoology students.
Those students had a chance to examine the scorpion under a glow light, and also got to feed the scorpion. In a photo sharing news of the unusual incident, you can see students took the opportunity to feed the scorpion a cricket or two.
School officials believe the eight-legged arachnid traveled all the way from Guatemala, simply catching a ride in the banana box.

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