Do you have a know it all friend?

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You know the person who quotes every movie and drops random factoids on you at any given moment. And you wonder why on earth they have all that information stored up. It is useless isn't it?

Well useless information does have a benefit in the realm of team trivia nights. If you have never been to such an occasion, teams gather together at some of their favorite places to answer general knowledge questions with the hope of winning house cash for a return trip to the very locale they are currently enjoying.

The village of Clinton is about to see the return of team trivia for their thirsty residents. The Clinton Ale House is now holding team trivia nights every Wednesday Night. This may just be your time to shine.

Watch too much TV?

Go down Wikipedia rabbit holes?

Love history and beer?

Good at Crosswords?

Team trivia nights are a great way to get out with friends and test each other. It builds camaraderie and also leads to a certain amount of bad answer shaming, all in good fun. As we all face the monotony of our work weeks and look for anything out of the ordinary to fill our nights with joy, what is better than getting together with our friends in a free, low stakes game that can be ultra competitive while being low key?I will admit to taking my trivia rather seriously. I also know that the occasional loss is part of life and a growing experience.

But winning is better.

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