So every year when Spring comes around, a few things are assured to happen. The weather gets nicer, Winter jackets go back in the closet, plants, trees and flowers come back to life and...lawn mowing season officially begins.

To be fair, it's not just lawn mowing season that begins but really all forms of lawn and gardening work. With that said, I don't  have a green thumb so don't ask me for gardening tips, I can however cut up a lawn pretty well. This brings me to now and I figured why not share some of the things I've learned over the past 15 years mowing my lawn at home.

Man mowing the grass on a riding mower

What Time Do You Mow?

For me, time and time of day has always factored into when I take care of the lawn. Depending on if I was doing the front lawn or the back lawn or both, I always knew I would need at least an hour to three hours to get everything completely done.


Time of day is also important for mowing the lawn, especially as the season goes on and we get into the summer months. No one and I mean NO ONE, wants to be mowing the lawn or doing any type of lawn/gardening work when it's 90+ degrees out with humidity. That's why getting that work done as early as possible, especially on those hot days is so important.


One last tip in regards to mowing and time is, no matter what, you MUST mow the lawn at least once per week. At home, there's sections of property that absorb a tremendous amount of water, which leads to incredibly fast growth for the grass. And I have learned this lesson on more than one occasion that not hitting the lawn with the mower at least once a week leads to disaster.

Prepare for the Elements

For me preparing to mow my lawn, lawn consists of a few things. A pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, as well as a pair of old shoes that I don't care about whether or not they get dirty, are all givens.


Having something to eat is also vastly important. We use gas to fuel the lawn mowers so they'll run properly, well people are the same way, we need to eat if we want to work right. Maybe even more important than eating something is making sure you're hydrated.

woman tap water
Helmut Seisenberger

Over the weekend I had my own run in being much more tired and out of energy than I have been in the past with mowing my lawn. To fix that I got myself some water and actually added a teaspoon of sugar to it. Maybe I was dehydrated maybe that was a blood sugar thing, I don't know, I'm not a doctor. I would assume something like 'Gatorade' would also work as well or my personal favorite 'Liquid IV'.

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Cut It Up into Pieces

No seriously, cut your lawn into pieces. At home, the majority of the property is made up of hills with one wide flat region. Taking this into consideration, when I mow my lawn I cut up the whole and split it into separate smaller sections. It makes the job faster and more manageable to eliminate portions of the lawn at a time as opposed to just tackling the entire whole.

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Cutting the lawn into different pieces and sections also allows me to focus giving each part of the lawn the attention it needs. As I said before, sections of the property absorb a lot of water and can grow out of control.

The Final and Most Important TIp of Lawn Mowing

I can not possibly stress this final step enough when it comes to lawn mowing. It is absolutely crucial and the job can't be done until this final step has been completed.

Cool beer bottles.
Valentyn Volkov

That final step must crack open a cold one. I'm serious, it can't be properly put into words but that first beer after finishing the lawn, particularly on a hot day is just different from other beers. I'd go as far as to say it's the most enjoyable beer out of all beers.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go buy a case of Killian's.

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