Annemarie Bradley never expected to be holding a statue on-stage at the 95th Academy Awards.

Yet, when the winners were being announced, she and two of her colleagues were right there, standing on-stage, giving their speech after being nominated for the Best Makeup and Hairstyling award for their work on the movie, The Whale.

So, how did Bradley, a Cohoes native, reach this pinnacle of her profession? We were eager to learn more.

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How Anne Marie Bradley Went from Cohoes to the 'Oscars' Stage

We learned of Annemarie Bradley, native of Cohoes, New York, through a great piece done by Marisa Jacques and the team at Spectrum News 1. Jacques sat down with Bradley (virtually) to discuss her recent Academy Award nomination, and what it meant to be part of such a ground-breaking project.

First and foremost, here is Bradley with colleagues Adrien Morot and Judy Chin accepting their award earlier this month:

On working on this project, Bradley said this, "Yeah, it was really great. We helped him become that character...every aspect of (the costume) needed to work together."

Bradley stated that she was responsible for the hair and wig design of the main character, Charlie, who was played by actor Brendan Fraser. She asserted that five makeup artists were on-set during every day of shooting to help Fraser morph into his award-winning character.

95th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room
'The Whale' star Brendan Fraser / Getty Images

As mentioned above, Bradley did not expect to win an Oscar for this film, and was a bit surprised to even be included on the ballot, "It's pretty crazy. I never even really expected to win an Oscar. Because the hair and the wig was such a big part of this role, I was included."

She continued by saying, "A lot of people were like 'finally, you won!', and I was like 'finally? I never even expected to think about winning an Oscar.'"

She may not have expected to win an Academy Award, but she did, and now, we all can't wait to see what Cohoes native Annemarie Bradley has lined up for her next award-winning project.

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