There is a long range of severe weather that has parts of New York State in the path. 

It feels like parts of the United States haven ben under severe weather watches or advisories for weeks at this point. Right now it appears that parts of New York State are in the war path of this wild spring weather.

The temperature is a little warm here in the Capital Region and you know what that means - we're in for it. Severe weather spanning from Texas to New England and that means possible thunder storms, hail, and winds. Just be prepared.


There are tornado warnings across the Midwest right now and Western New York is seeing threats of severe thunder storms. In the meantime New York City is on alert for hail and damaging winds through Thursday as the weather pattern works its way across the country.

For the Capital Region, Accuweather says we could see some thunderstorms this evening into tonight. As of right now there are no warning or alerts for the Capital Region, but as it gets closer to the evening that could change.

While we all wish for warmer weather it certainly can bring some consequences along with it. Remember to keep an eye on the weather especially if you're going to travel. It's not just where you're leaving you need to be worried about. With this weather pattern airplanes have to be ready for some bumpy rides from the Midwest to the Southwest.

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