The warmer weather has arrived in New York State and it feels great! Time to start wearing your shorts and t-shirts again, opening the windows and slapping away the mosquitos. Yes, as it gets warmer the mosquitos arrive and thrive.

It has been said that mosquitos are attracted to certain colors. If this is true you might want to take a look at those shorts and t-shirts to see if you are wearing to see if you will be a mosquito magnet this summer or not. Or maybe this is just urban legend?

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According to Verywell Health, there are a variety of reasons that mosquitos might be attracted to you and more likely to bite you. You blood type is one factor. It is said that Type AB and Type O attract mosquitos.

Mosquitos also like body heat and sweat. They like pregnant women, people that eat spicy foods and even beer drinkers but are mosquitos attracted to certain colors? Yes! Here are the 4 colors to avoid if you want to avoid mosquitos.

518 news, mosquitos are attracted to the color red
Photo by Hendrik Morkel on Unsplash

RED - Mosquitos are attracted to the color red because this color makes it easier for them to see.

518 news, mosquitos are attracted to the color black
Photo by Luis Morera on Unsplash

BLACK - Mosquitos see a smaller range of colors than humans do. Black is an easy color for mosquitos to spot.

518 news, mosquitos are attracted to the color orange
Photo by Moises Alex on Unsplash

ORANGE - Leave your orange shirts in the dresser unless you want to get bit.

518 news, mosquitos are attracted to the color cyan
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

CYAN - This one is a little difficult to pinpoint but a blueish-green color is one to avoid. If you want to learn more, Hawx Smart Pest Control has a lot of great insect advice.

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