Most of us don't have spare change let alone a spare mansion to share. However, if you are one of the lucky ones here who has a beautiful Hudson Valley mansion and don't mind film crews coming in and out of it, you're in luck and yours could be in a future feature film. Interested in the opportunity?

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Mansion version of 'Hollywood on the Hudson':

It's safe to say over the past few years many television shows and movies have filmed in the Hudson Valley and have taken advantage of the beauty that the area has to offer. The good thing is it doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. A recent post went viral on Facebook and it was asking residents who own a mansion between Red Hook and Fishkill if they could spare their home for a future feature film.

Are you interested in the filming opportunity?

HV Post Facebook/Canva
HV Post Facebook/Canva

First, if you own a mansion in the Hudson Valley I am VERY, VERY jealous. Second, if you think your mansion has what it takes to be in the film and you meet the area requirements, send your information to Crews are looking for a mansion similar to the one that is pictured above, just beautiful. There are not a lot of details about what the future project could be, but I'm sure some big celebrity would be setting foot in your home. Can you feel my jealously?

Good luck to everyone who applies for the opportunity. If your mansion does get selected for a feature film, please let us know all about it and spare no details on the station app.

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