Whitesboro Street triple-murder suspect Paul Bumbolo was ordered to undergo a mental health examination during his court appearance on Thursday.

Judge John S. Balzano ordered a 730 exam for Bumbolo, arrested yesterday after he allegedly killed three members of his family.

The 21-year old appeared incoherent during the arraignment.  When asked if he knew what was going on he said, "No," and when the judge asked Bumbolo is he knew who he (Judge Balzano) was, the defendant muttered something and then said, "Sir," and "You are Honor."

Photo Credit: booking photo Utica Police
Photo Credit: booking photo Utica Police

Judge Balzano then asked Bumbolo if he knows who the President of the United States is.  Bumbolo replied, "What is that?" and began staring and the ceiling and swaying. Bumbolo seemed to lose his balance and nearly fell at one point.

All of Bumbolo's responses were muttered and barely intelligible.

Afterward, his public defender Luke Nebush spoke to the media, saying he believed his client suffers from schizophrenia:

Bumbolo will undergo an examination by three doctors and is scheduled to appear in court in early February.

He was reportedly naked when police arrived at the Whitesboro Street home where he allegedly murdered three family members earlier this week. Thus far, police have not released the names of the victims, nor the manner in which they were killed. Police did say the victims were two women and one man.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, Utica Police Chief Mark Williams said the home was the 'worst crime scene' he has seen in 27 years as a police officer.

Bumbolo also made a brief court appearance on Wednesday afternoon where a plea of not guilty was entered.

A scheduled felony hearing planned for next week has been postponed.

(with additional reporting by Jim Rondenelli, Kristine Bellino)

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Photo Credit: Andrew Derminio
Photo Credit: Andrew Derminio




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