It's April 30, which means that tomorrow, it's (obviously) going to be May. This also means that it's the last day of the year in which we can properly use that infamous Justin Timberlake meme. You know the one, with the NSYNCer — in all his glossy ramen-haired, early '00s glory — grinning insanely alongside a lyrical caption you can't help but singsong every time you see it appear on your Facebook newsfeed.

It's gonna be May

Yes, kids, the "It's Gonna Be May" meme is BACK. And not only that, but the OG "It's Gonna Be Me" singer himself has finally acknowledged its gloriously ridiculous existence, posting this on Twitter yesterday:

Sorry, Justin, we don't think you can meme yourself, and you're probably a few years too late to the party, but welcome anyway. Let's celebrate by watching this:

As for the photo of Justin, it's one of a handful of seasonally appropriate pop culture memes that pop up each year, other popular ones being one that references Mean Girls' "It's October 3" moment, and Miss Congeniality's April 25/perfect date meme. And while JT's has become a bona fide web classic since first surfacing some time in 2012, there are plenty of meta alternatives to go around, like these which lampoon the original, below.


And if you're just not an NSYNC fan, don't worry. We've got your alternative '90s boy band option, too.


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