Kanye West's "surprise" show in New York City led to chaos and near-disaster.

Kanye's performance at Hot 97 was cut short and his set at Governor's Ball was completely canceled due to bad weather in New York City; so when it was announced that Yeezy was going to give a "surprise" show at Webster Hall in Manhattan, it wasn't a surprise that massive amounts of people would show up at the venue for the 2 a.m. performance.

As crowds formed and a line scrawled around the block, fans were shoved and pushed every time the venue would open to allow a few dozen people at a time inside. After several times, several people began to scream that someone was going to be severely hurt if the crowd didn't calm down. Overtaking the entire block of 11th St. between 4th and 3rd Avenues, fans climbed on cars to scream "Pablo!" and "F--- Governor's Ball!"

"I saw kids trampling windshields of cars," one onelooker told CBS New York. "It was surreal. It was honestly something that should have never happened and it spiraled out of control."

The show was reportedly sold out by 1 a.m. and more than 4,000 people apparently had descended upon the East Village by the expected 2 a.m. start time, climbing on top of cars, dumpsters and scaffolding.

A representative from Webster Hall announced that the last-minute concert was canceled. Despite never actually taking the stage, it was reported that West did appear briefly outside the venue, which only added to the chaotic scene as fans clamored to try and see the superstar. In one snapchat video, the rapper could be seen greeting fans outside who had been waiting.

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