The dust has barely settled on the sudden announcement of Toys R Us closing, but another toy retailer from our past is hoping to save toy stores from extinction. You may remember KB Toys in Riverside Mall or Sangertown Square. The chain closed most of its stores long ago. But they are reorganizing to take advantage of this new hole in the marketplace.

Pavel Losevsky/ThinkStock

Strategic Marks LLC, the parent company of KB Toys, has been closely watching the Toys R Us saga, and they've been looking at what they can do to improve the toy store industry. While they admit they are still early in the planning stages, they hope to have new stores open across the US by this Christmas.

KB Toys is also very frank about wanting to take over as America's premier brick & mortar toy store. They are even extending job offers to current and former Toys R Us employees:

If you are a current #toysrus employee, please feel free to send us your resume to but also know that we won't get back to you for a little while as we finalize our concept. (KB Toys via Linkedin)

KB Toys may have failed in the past, but perhaps they can learn from their mistakes and come back stronger than ever. Would you prefer to shop at a dedicated toy store rather than a toy department in a big box store?


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