Here's some alarming information for any parent wrestling with the question of when to let their kids start dating.

A study out of Canada has found that the earlier children start dating, the more problems they tend to have.

The early-starting group began dating at the age of 11.6 years, on average, compared with 12.9 years for on-time teens and 14.9 years for late bloomers...

Early starters reported twice as many acts of abnormal or delinquent behavior as on-time teens and late bloomers. Behaviors included lying and cheating, picking fights, truancy, disobedience and running away.

Researchers claim getting involved in romantic relationships too soon may mean kids are ill-equipped to deal with the issues that go along with being a couple, even if those problems at age 11 may be nothing more than not letting your sweetie copy your homework.

As a result of dealing with the turbulence of dating, youngsters may fall prey to practicing unsafe sex, drinking and other dangerous behavior. Those who wait until later to date -- usually around 15 -- typically do not suffer from any of those problems.

Our advice? Wait until your 30s before you decide to get your personal life in order.

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