Perrie Edwards of Little Mix can't wait to marry Zayn Malik of One Direction ... well, sort of. What's the hold up?

Don't worry, it's not any more allegations of infidelity! Edwards is excited to marry Malik, but their schedules are so hectic that neither one of them has gotten a chance to sit down and plan anything just yet.

"I haven't started making any decisions yet wedding-wise," Edwards revealed to the Mirror (via Metro), "but I'm excited to start planning it all. I can't wait."

Edwards also revealed that she and Malik don't see each other in person often, but they do see each other over Skype -- and she makes sure she always looks hot for it.

"I do have to make an effort with makeup when I’m talking to Zayn on Skype. It makes you feel better," she admitted. "I try to find some good lighting too. Sometimes I tip the lamp so it looks like I appear airbrushed and I'm like, 'Oh, I've just woken up!' but really I haven't. Or I go to a window for some natural light sometimes … that's the best!"

And yes, her all of fellow Mixers will be bridesmaids! "Imagine if I didn't have them?" she cooed. "I wouldn't take one off to the side and say 'Oh you've made the cut' and then say to the other two, 'Sorry guys.' It's all or nothing with these girls."

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