Who knew Cupid was such a fan of Las Vegas?   In honor of  "Meet A Mate Week,"  I thought you'd like to know where to find the most romantic cities in America.   

If you're in the market for romance, you're more likely to find it in the south or the west rather than the north.   Seems romance is very much alive in Las Vegas.  The new dating site MissTravel.com ranks Vegas as the most romantic city in the country.  These are their other top ten  picks for romance: 

1.  Las Vegas, Nevada

2.  New York, New York

3.  Miami, Florida

4.  San Francisco, California

5.  Honolulu, Hawaii

6.  Chicago, Illinois

7.  Los Angeles, California

8.  Orlando, Florida

9.  Santa Barbara, California

10.  Washington, DC

Sorry Las Vegas, but I've never thought of you as the most romantic spot in America.  My choice would probably be San Diego, California or Fort Meyers, Florida.  Love that ocean water.