Madison County has joined the unfortunate list of counties in New York with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Madison County officials notified media of the confirmed case Saturday evening via press release. In it was a statement from Madison County Health Director Eric Faisst. He says they're closely monitoring the situation.

We understand that this will heighten the concern of many of our residents.  Please stay vigilant about social distancing and personal hygiene, please do not go out to public places unless you have to and contact your doctor if you are not feeling well.

The person who tested positive has been placed under quarantine and officials are assisting in contacting anyone who may have been in contact with the individual. However, the criteria for testing has been put in place and reflects the limited amount of testing capabilities.

They have established their protocol based on the New York State Department of Health recommendations on testing. The factors that would make one eligible for testing include:

  1. Has come into close contact (same office, classroom, gatherings) of another person known to be positive.
  2. Has traveled to a country that the CDC has issued a Level 2 or Level 3 Travel Health Notice.
  3. Is currently is under quarantine; or
  4. Has already tested negative for other types of infections (rapid flu tests, respiratory panel).

Director Faisst says, "We are asking for everyone’s help to make sure that emergency department treatment remains available for people who truly need it." If you are feeling ill with respiratory symptoms or feel you are under one of the four above categories you are urged to contact your primary care physician by phone. That will determine if you are eligible for a test.

A press conference is scheduled for the media Sunday morning at 10 a.m. at the Madison County Office Building.

Late last week, it was discovered a student of Colgate University was confirmed positive for COVID-19. Full story: CLICK HERE.

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