If you haven't heard yet, Aerosmith will preform at the Times Union Center in Albany and if you take the Aerosmith quiz, you could add to your points total in the Litehouse rewards club and casino. This is one show I do not want to miss because I've been a big fan for years. As a matter of fact, I met the band once.

The year was 1993 and we were experiencing a resurrection from the band Aerosmith. They were about to release their "Get a Grip CD" and I attended the release party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. The CD wasn't as successful as the band's previous two records but it did feature the hit singles "Livin' on the Edge," "Cryin'," and "Amazing." I had the privledge of hearing the CD in it's entiety months before the general public thanks to my good friend and radio pal who was at a New Haven Conn. station at the time and had the connections.

I felt like radio royalty as we hopped into the limo and partied all the way to beantown "Boston'. When we arrived the song "Crazy" was blasting through the Hard Rock...the whole CD played and I knew "Livin On The Edge" was gonna be a hit...well sort of. After about an hour of free drinks and appetizers it was time to meet Aerosmith.

I thought Steven Tyler and Joe Perry would be mingling with the crowd of Record Reps and radio personalities but that's not how it was to be. After about an hour of groups going back into a special VIP area, it was finally our turn. Like cattle we were shuffled in front of the entire band and I thought "Wow, Aerosmith..What am I gonna say, Would there be a picture? Click...next, click...next, click next was what was going on, and then I was huddled between Steven & Joe and said, "How's it going"? Steven said, "Hey Man"...click, next...and it was over. My brush with Aerosmith fame lasted about 4 seconds and here is the bummer. I never got a copy of the photo. That's okay, there is a snapshot in my mind forever. And that is my brush with Aerosmith fame.

Go to UltimateClassicRock.com for the your Aerosmith fix.

Aerosmith will always be one of my favorite hard rock bands and here is a list of my all time favorite Aerosmith songs. What's yours?

1. Last Child -Rocks- 1976
2. Kings And Queens- Draw The Line -1977
3. Back In The Saddle- Rocks- 1976
4. Dream On -Aerosmith- 1973
5. Walking In The Sand- Night In The Ruts -1979
6. Toys In The Attic- Toys In The Attic -1975
7. Draw The Line- Draw The Line -1977
8.Train Kept A Rollin'- Get Your Wings- 1974
9. Mama Kin -Aerosmith -1973
10. Walk This Way -Toys In The Attic -1975
11. Lightning Strikes -Rock In A Hard Place -1982
12. Sweet Emotion -Toys In The Attic -1975
13. Pink -Nine Lives- 1997
14. Tell Me What It Takes-Pump- 1989
15. Livin' On The Edge-Get A Grip- 1993
16. Deuces Are Wild- Big Ones- 1994
17. Eat The Rich- Get A Grip- 1993
18. Just Push Play- Just Push Play- 2001
19. Somebody- Aerosmith- 1973