Cheerleaders for La Salle (St. Ignace, Michigan) are like no other cheering squad in the nation. It isn't consisted of girls who go to the school, it isn’t consisted of high school girls at all. This school's cheerleaders are the players moms!

La Salle in northern Michigan couldn't build a cheer leading squad this season, so the moms organized to cheer on the sons.

"I've been here 25 years and I've never seen a group of moms do what these moms are doing," head football coach Marty Spencer said.

According to MaxPreps, the Saints have 29 players on the team. Every game more than a dozen moms wear the jersey of their sons and take to the sidelines. It doesn't stop once they walk off the field, they also organized a prep rally for the school.

Senior Nate Montie, who is listed as No. 54 on the team roster and is featured in the video, summed it up best.

"Well, I could ask for a blonde or a brunette, but my mom will do."