Today is National Stupid Question Day - so we decided to have a little fun with a stupid question, that's sure to get you thinking.

Photo Credit: pay404/ThinkStock

Every Sunday the guys come over to watch football at my boyfriend's house. Him and his buddies always get talking during the commercial breaks, and usually it's the weirdest topic - anything from debating over chicken wings (whether the drumstick looking ones, or the two-bone ones are better), to this question we have for you today...

Are you ready for Today's 'Stupid Question?' Here we go:

'Is a hot dog considered a sandwich?'

Don't just jump to an answer - Think about it. What makes a sandwich? Meat between two pieces of bread, right? Wouldn't that make a hot dog a sandwich? Or because the bread is just one piece and folded, does it make a hot dog, just a hot dog?

So what's the correct answer? Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?
Well, your guess is as good as ours! Maybe ask some of your friends and co-workers - See what they think, and see if you can actually come up with a 'correct' answer.

Happy National Stupid Question Day!



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