Do you remember your first kiss? Mine was in 10th grade, end of the school day at Westmoreland, fast and scared to death! According to new research people remember their first kiss more than other firsts!

According to a biologist from the University of Texas, most people remember about 90 percent of the details surrounding their first kisswhich is a lot more than they remember about their "first time." In writing her book The Science of Kissing, Sheril Kirshenbaum found that women seem to place more value in a first kiss than men do, but also tend to get less satisfaction from this kiss than they would expected.

So your funny first kiss story from your author. I was in tenth grade, my first real relationship. Was the beginning of the day and I heard she wanted to kiss me. I was terrified and so nervous. So at the start of the day I kissed her on the cheek, of course she wasn’t happy. I had to man up the courage. At the end of the school day walked her to the door and kissed her quick, I was terrified. I remember the date to!

What was your first kiss like? When did it happen? Cute or Ugly?