An entire store devoted to beef jerky? Sign us up.

While on vacation to Myrtle Beach, Mike Kinnally came across a Beef Jerky Outlet for the first time and was blown away.

After returning home and finding a couple partners, he and his family applied to own one of the franchises and just this past Saturday, held the grand opening of New York State's first-ever Beef Jerky Outlet.

Located just outside of Albany in Latham, NY, The Beef Jerky Outlet has every type of jerky you can imagine.

Kinnally spoke to the Daily Gazette about opening the store, saying after he spent $80 at the Myrtle beach location, he new it would be a good business venture.

The choices of jerky range from traditional to softer textures for those who don't like all that chewing.

Flavors come in every style you would imagine: spicy, sweet, smoky or salty. And the jerky isn't just made of beef either.

The store features over 100 varieties of jerky, and even has some made of elk, venison, salmon, alligator and even kangaroo!

Kinnally added they even have some events planned for the spring and summer like hot sauce tasting, contests and more.

The Beef Jerky Outlet also sells barbecue sauces, rubs and spices.

Kinnally told the Daily Gazette that local support has been 'phenomenal' and that the store has been 'hopping.'

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