The beef is squashed between One Direction and departed member Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson said during the band's first TV appearance as a foursome on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Thursday night (May 14).

"We're on good terms with him," Louis told his fellow U.K. statesman when asked about his Twitter war of words with Malik and DJ/producer Naughty Boy. "I've never been very good at biting my tongue, maybe I get that from my mum. It's just one of those things. Twitter is great for connecting with the fans, but also if you feel like saying something you probably shouldn't, it's also good for that as well — or bad, in this case."

The host then asked Liam Payne if the band saw Zayn's departure coming, and how they initially reacted to the news. 1D was understandably not pleased.

"At first we were a little bit angry obviously, we were surprised," Liam said. "But I think we all kind of knew the general vibe Zayn was feeling. There's certain parts of this job that Zayn loved and certain parts of the job that he didn't. And if you don't like your job, you've got to follow your heart at times and you need to go where you need to go. [...] There's no arguing with that. Like I said, we were angry at first but then it was just a bit more disappointing."

So is this the end of One Direction's recent spell of strife? According to Liam Payne, fans have nothing to worry about.

"The four of us love every part of it, and with the shows being great and the tour, you know, the fans deserve it. They've been absolutely fantastic to us. And we enjoy every aspect of it."

Corden, who assumed Late Late Show hosting duties in March, was also a onetime boy-band member, and asked Harry Styles if the band ever considered replacing Zayn. Harry's answer left no room for ambiguity.

Watch One Direction's full interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden in the video above.

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