'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips' 'Home' was the soundtrack for a lot of our summer -- from its prevalence in the Olympics to its simple down home charm, it was a cozy, breezy listen and radio staple. And based on the preview snippets of Phillips' debut, 'The World From the Side of the Moon,' he's really got a knack for that.

'Man on the Moon' opens the sampler, and it's got a distinct Dave Matthews Band feel. 'Home' is the second track, and it provides a smooth transition from 'Man on the Moon' to the rest of the record. 'Gone, Gone, Gone' sounds pretty similar to 'Home,' while 'Hold On' is a hopeful ballad about looking forward during trying times. 'Where We Came From' has more of a country feel than the rest, but even his pop loyalists will love it all the same.

Phillips recently chatted about his upcoming album, explaining the title and overall vibe. “Well, I was going through lyrics to songs that would be on the album and songs that weren’t and I was trying to think of a title that would stick,” he said. “It’s from the first song on the album. I tried to think, ‘How could this work?’ Just thinking … watched a lot of tape about what’s gone on this past year. It was funny how I had grown as a person and an artist, watching myself from a different world, a different angle.”

Phillips' sound will fit right in alongside the likes of DMB, O.A.R. and other college rock sounds, but will likely appeal to a broader fan base due to his wide television exposure. 'The World from the Side of the Moon' hits shelves Nov. 19, just in time to be a warm sounding stocking stuffer for the cold winter season.

Listen to Phillip Phillips 'The World From the Side of the Moon' Album Sampler