Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween.  They're perfect to use for yummy recipes too.  Ever try using pumpkin in pasta?  Pumpkin makes a comeback in this tasty pumpkin and sausage recipe a listener shared with Delilah.  Enjoy!

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Pumpkin Makes a Comeback

Because it's the time of year pumpkin everything begins to make a comeback, it seemed like the right time to share this next recipe from loyal listener Amy. How about pumpkin with something savory? Something is telling me her ingredients below make for a very delicious dish… Delilah, thank you for all the great tips over the years and all the great recipes...you are like my BFF over the radio. Here's a new pasta recipe I know you'll appreciate! - Amy

Find the recipe here for pumpkin and sausage pasta.