Sometimes having that extra money doesn't make a difference in your life - At least in the way you think it would.

Normally, Naomi Lynn would start ranting and raving about something that bothered her - something that she saw or whatever reason she found fit for complaining. This week, she learned something.

Most of us dream of that rich lifestyle - Having all this money, and living the fabulous life. But Naomi realized it has nothing to do with the money. If you make bad spending choices when you're poor, you would make bad spending choices when you're rich. Your lifestyle of living paycheck-to-paycheck wouldn't actually change.

Take a look at celebrities - They have millions upon millions of dollars, but they also have more expensive bills. They live in houses that cost a few million dollars, they drive fancy-smancy cars that cost a lot, and they wear clothes that are just ridiculously expensive. Just because they have more cash, doesn't mean they don't have to deal with bills over their heads and don't have to struggle (even a little bit).

Naomi Lynn realized it all has to deal with how you spend and save - which means she needs to look into her spending habits. Maybe with a few smart choices she too, can start living a better lifestyle.



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