With his signature 12-string Rickenbacker sound, McGuinn is one of my favorite artists.  Here are my choices for his 5 best songs from his post-Byrds solo albums.

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    Up to Me

    Cardiff Rose

    'Up to Me' was written by Bob Dylan as part of the sessions for Dylan's 'Blood on the Tracks' and it's long been an part of McGuinn's repertoire.

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    Roger McGuinn

    'The Lord Loves a Rolling Stone' was written by veteran songwriter Spooner Oldham and tells the story of a man drifting around the country. McGuinn's version includes a beautiful introduction by a childrens' choir. McGuinn makes one other change from the original that endears it to me: he swaps a lyric that mentions "Mobile, Alabama' to namedrop my hometown of South Bend, Indiana.

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    Jolly Roger

    Cardiff Rose

    Pirates have always been cool, right? After the mid-1700s has there been a better sea shanty than this track?

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    Dixie Highway


    McGuinn is a native of Chicago but proves he can do justice to southern rock with 'Dixie Highway.'

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    King of the Hill

    Back from Rio

    From 1991, the "Back from Rio" album contained a strong environmental message and this #2 hit co-written and co-performed by Tom Petty.

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