You can buy this home for under $29,000.  If you are handy with tools, plumbing and maybe some electrical work, you can have a nice house for the family, or a profitable property to flip.

The 1500 square-foot home is located on Healy Ave in Rome, and it was built just over 100 years ago.  It's listed at $28,980, but having been on the market for nearly 3 months now, you may be able to buy it for even less.

Brad Taylor, Shamrock Real Estate Inc

The kitchen needs a complete remodel.  You've have to budget some serious money to do a nice upgrade.

Brad Taylor, Shamroc real Estate Inc

One of the two bathrooms.  This one might be usable after a good cleaning.

Brad Taylor, Shamrock real Estate Inc

Some new carpeting or hardwood floors are needed, along with maintenance to the woodwork.  If the overall structure is in good shape, this could be a bargain if you're looking for a fixer-upper in Rome.