The Rome Rescue Mission has been helping people in our community for years, but now they're looking to you so they can continue their calling.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

Many members of our community have been helped out at one time or another from the Rome Rescue Mission. They have programs for all sorts of needs including, offering hot meals, acting as an emergency shelter for those in need, programs to help people get back on their feet, counseling... the list goes on and on.

To keep providing the community with resources and goods, sometimes the Rome Rescue Mission needs a little help - and they're calling on you! The organization is able to run with the help of donations from the public, and to help out as many people as they do... Well, you can guess from time to time supplies get low. Just some of the simple (but extremely helpful) items they're looking for:

-Toilet Paper and Paper Towels
-Extra Large Garbage Bags
-Dish Soap and Hand Soap
-Bleach and Windex
-Food items like: Peanut Butter, Canned Veggies and Fruits, Coffee, Cereal, Lunch Meat and Cheeses, Eggs, Rice
-Office supply items including: Paper, Staples and Staplers, Tape, and Light Bulbs

You can see a full list of all the items they're looking for on their Facebook Page here.

You can also get more information on how to donate, what the Rome Rescue Mission is all about, and anything else you might need to know at the Rome Rescue Mission website.



Naomi Lynn Donates to the Rescue Missions of Rome and Utica


[Rome Rescue Mission's Facebook Page]