Hot off the heels of her inescapable hit with Cobra Starship, ‘You Make Me Feel,’ the stunningly beautiful Sabi is back with ‘Wild Heart.’ The video is her debut solo clip.The video is rife with metaphors of the dangers of love. Her apartment in the clip is decorated with glass heart ornaments and papier mache hearts resting on her floor. The papier mache hearts start burning in the second chorus, while the ornaments shatter in mid air. By the end of the track, the beautiful Sabi is sitting in the center of an unmade bed, surrounded by hearts on fire.

In one interior scene, Sabi’s eye makeup is smeared, and she’s clearly struggling with something — sitting on the floor in a gown, flailing her arms and wailing her chorus: “Damn this wild heart / It’s gonna get me in trouble.” Sure it will, if it inspires spontaneous combustion. It’s also interesting to note that Sabi’s voice and style are often compared to Rihanna — and this song touches on what might be an abusive relationship.

In one of the exterior scenes, Sabi dons a head scarf, sneakers, shorts and an American flag tank and is still gorgeous. The camera zooms in on her sneaks, perhaps a product placement for Reebok? In the other, she wears a red knit cap and black tank on a rooftop. Based on the drama in her vocals, you almost assume she’s going to jump at some point.

Here’s where it  gets confusing: At the video’s end, we’re treated to a close up of a cell phone (more product placement?), which Sabi picks up … and then that’s it. Wait, what? Check out the video below and let us know if you can make more sense of it than we did! In the meantime, ‘Wild Heart’ is available now on iTunes.

Watch Sabi, ‘Wild Heart’ Video