Mosquitoes love me.  I can be outside for one minute and they'll find me and get me in that short amount of time.  Perhaps the same thing happens to you or your kids but you're not comfortable using repellent that has DEET.  Good news though, there are other safe and effective options.

If you're looking to avoid those annoying mosquitoes, avoid going out in the early morning  and at dusk, when they're most likely to be out.  Sometimes you can't avoid them, so protect yourself with some help from Mother Nature.  Women's Health Magazine says there are some natural ways to protect yourself from those pesky bugs.

Look for Picaridin, which is derived from pepper and doesn't have any negative health side effects.   You can find it in Cutter, which is sold by several drug stores.

Another good bug repellent is  IR3535, which is found in Avon Skin So Soft.  I remember using that as a kid and it did help keep the misquitoes away.

Oil of lemon eucalyptus is a plant based repellent that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend.   One product you might look for is called Repel HG-406T.

Soybean oil is worth a try too, according to Women's Health Magazine, so try to find products made with soybean oil.