After talking about the most dangerous neighborhoods in Utica and Rome New York, let's try and remain positive. There is a lot of safe neighborhoods too. 

Below are Utica and Rome neighborhoods with the Safest neighborhoods, according to Neighborhood Scout. The information is based on all crimes reported, violent and property, by location. Visit the site for detailed information on these or other neighborhoods.




1)Lake Delta / Hawkins Corner

Lake Delta / Hawkins Corner is listed as the safest neighborhood in Rome.

Google Maps


2) Floyd / Camroden

Floyd / Camroden also made the list as a safe neighborhood.

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3) Westmoreland

Westmoreland is listed as a safe area.

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4) Canterbury Hill / Coonrod

Canterbury Hill / Coonrod is listed as a safe area.

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1) East Schuyler / West Schuyler

East Schuyler / West Schuyler is the safest area in Utica.

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2)  North Gage

North Gage seems to be a mixed bag of streets in Utica.



Google Maps


3) Deerfield Heights

This covers the Deerfield area.

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4) Deerfield

This covers more of the Deerfield area.

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