Terrie Hall Passes
Terrie Hall was a very brave woman who starred in very powerful ads to convince people to stop smoking. Sadly, she has died of cancer at 53. Terrie passed away recently in a hospital in Winston-Salem, N.C.
Anti-Smoking Advocate Passes
I can't help but wonder If I'm a bad father for starting the 'smoking is really bad for you' lectures to my four year old son. He's only four, yet he is curious as he has seen people smoking. When the anti-smoking commercials play on TV, I let him watch. Am I too edgy? Are t…
The Best Anti-Smoking Ad Ever [VIDEO]
My son Mark graduates from Proctor High School today and loved ones from all over will be in town for the celebration. Only one things bothers me. Mark's mom, my brother, his girlfriend and a few other guests smoke cigarettes.