bagg's square

Bagg's Square Development Could Make Utica an 18-Hour City
Ready for a new buzzword? Meet the 18-Hour City. That's a city somewhere between a 24 Hour City where everything is available at any time of the day (think New York City, obviously; LA and likely cities like Las Vegas and Miami) and the traditional 9-5 city that revolves around the traditional …
Gerber's Grill ReOpens
A long-closed restaurant in Utica has reopened.  Gerber's 1933 Tavern opened in the historic eatery at the corner of Liberty Street and Hotel Street.
Development Continues in Utica’s Bagg’s Square
I consider it one of my favorite neighborhoods in Utica, the historic Bagg's Square.  Just north of downtown and straddling either side of Genesee Street, Bagg's Square holds a great deal of the city's past, and perhaps, much of its future as well...